🏠 It's not us, it's you.
It's been real, but we should see other websites. Don't call us. Why? Ghostbin was a code sharing site for iPhone jailbreak developers, and it served that purpose well. Its earliest and best users were from that community; they evangelized it, and we practically forced people to use it in some of our IRC channels. I never marketed it, and never made any money off of it. I didn't want to! It was always a passion project. As the users rolled in, I started to realize what running a paste site was all about. What *is* it all about? Mostly hosting other people's personal information, credit cards, e-mails, passwords, the entire personnel database of whatever company the internet hates today, and so on. The vast majority of the 660,000 pastes that existed on Ghostbin when I froze the archive were like that. Maybe a thousand of them were code. There's a bunch of different ways to deal with that. There's automated content removal, community reports, and a bunch of heuristics that forever increase in complexity. It's not really worth doing all of that for a passion project. Ghostbin ran for almost exactly six years! It's old! It's also a lot less interesting and necessary than it used to be, and that really amplifies its negatives. What do you do when the passion runs out? I'm alright saying that there's no such thing as a forever project.